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The mod has been using patch version 1.23 for some time and it's finally time to start working on making the mod compatible with version 1.24.

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Last weekend, I noted that Yixx is going to be working on redoing the mod's triggers and so on in order to make Wc3:WoW compatible with the 1.24 patches. To those who aren't already familiar with the differences between the 1.23 and 1.24 patch for WarCraft III, Wc3:WoW used 1.23. However, one of the features in the 1.24 patch was to remove some code-related content from WarCraft III in order to prevent modders from implementing viruses in their maps. Wc3:WoW just so happened to be using such a trigger - which was now removed - but we did not use it to implement viruses; we used it for creating special systems such as the camera and movement system. Because Wc3:WoW uses 1.23 at the moment, a 1.24 version World Editor would not allow us to open the campaign nor its maps in the World Editor.

That being said, Yixx is now working on the campaign using the 1.23 World Editor. He is simply converting and/or removing unneeded triggers and will be recoding whatever necessarily requires recoding in order for the campaign to open in a 1.24 World Editor. If it can open in a 1.24 World Editor, it shouldn't be too difficult nor take too much longer to ensure the mod is 'playable.' In conclusion to that, Yixx is working diligently on ensuring the mod is compatible with 1.24 so that we can work on the campaign with a heavy load off our shoulders finally. The patch supposedly fixes some issues that should make the game/mod run faster as well, so all-in-all, it's for the greater good.

Compatibility is only the first step to functionality. It sounds like it makes little sense when put together like that, but with the 1.24 patch, some internal fixes have been made - compliments to Blizzard Entertainment - that we had no control over but now it the game is improved slightly, so hooray for that! Aside from that though, functionality comes into play when we begin adding systems such as our planned custom in-game menu. The menu may have to pause the game and take up the entire screen, but it'll be well worth it and you shouldn't have to use it that often. Basically, the custom in-game menu will allow players to adjust how far they can see the terrain, how close you need to be to a unit in order for it to be visible, enable/disable floating names, and other handy modifiable values that will help you adjust the quality of the mod for the best performance on your PC as possible.

I'm not completely sure if Wc3:WoW will function properly for Mac users like it is supposed to for PC users, but I don't see too much of a reason why it wouldn't. Worst case scenario, we'll just release two versions: PC version and Mac version. PC versions would always be released and updated first, since the Wc3:WoW developers use PCs, not Macs.

As I was saying, the custom in-game menu will surely help drastically with improving the performance of the game for you, whether you have a low-end computer or a high-end computer. This is why I am confident that players will not have to worry about frame-rate lag, because our systems are designed to make the game run as perfectly for you as possible!

Because we've made making Wc3:WoW compatible for 1.24 our current top priority, I had to send Yixx the campaign for him to fix it up. I'm not sure how many days it will take, but it shouldn't take more than a week... I hope. Will keep you all posted! This means I cannot work on the terrain right now, since Yixx now has the most up-to-date version which I am waiting for. So until then, I must patiently wait.

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