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From today and this post we start ‘Community’s Influence’ series in which we will be able to learn your opinions about specific subjects. We would like to know what’s inside your head, your ideas or how you would approach certain situations. Maybe there’s something that might get into 'Phantaruk'? :)

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Enemies in video games are a connection between a player and a game. They influence us the most and make us to feel anger, compassion or fear. In ‘Phantaruk’ we wanted them to be a challenge for the player, putting him/her in a situation in which additional pair of underwear (available in collector’s editions) is necessary.

In your opinion, what features in survival horror should enemies have? What scares you the most in them? What makes you run like hell from them instead of pulling the trigger?

And no, cookie monster is not scary.

PS: We’ve updated our website. What do you think about it?

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