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Thank you all of the questions you asked about our respective total-conversions. In that sense, we thank you for your interest towards our association and our projects...

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Thank you all of the questions you asked about our respective total-conversions. In that sense, we thank you for your interest towards our association and our projects. To our fans across the globe: We are truly grateful and humbled by your continued support. We're excited for what the future holds — the best is yet to come.

Our development team selected the most recurrent and relevant questions. If you want to ask something that is not on the list, feel free to do it in the comments below.

Questions & Answers

Christopher J. Helmstetter — Will Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander include the First Cylon war Galactica from the Blood and Chrome mini series ?

Yes, absolutely. We have already planned to add various elements from that era. You will be able to chose what era you wish to play in skirmish directly. As an example, if you select "First Cylon War" you will have the opportunity to play with the ships featured in Blood and Chrome. That being said, for balance reasons you won't be able to play against a faction from a different era.

Jonny Speight — In Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander, will you add Viper mark III’s and heavy raptors to the mod ?

Since Blood and Chrome will be part of the next version of Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander you will be able to play with Viper Mark IIIs, Heavy Raptors and more!

Kapitan Simon McTwain — How many Battlestars it takes to take down Stargate Destiny if it is supported by two Alliance Cruisers ?

If we hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes should fall like a house of cards. Checkmate! On a serious note, we can only speculate on their respective firepower and right now can't comment on this however don't worry, we'll find out when it's time for Multiverse.

Casey Robert Dubchak — Will Battlestar Galactica online ships be added to Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander ?

No. Simply because some of the vessels from the game never existed in canon according to the TV series and we don't want non-canon content. We prefer Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander, like with our other mods, to be as realistic as possible to the source material. We aren't interested in fan-designed and created ships, and will only use such designs when there is no ship available for a certain class.

Sebastian Castaño Cardona — Are you guys working in reducing the speed of fighters in Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander ? I felt it was a problem in Homeworld 2 where all fighters flew across the screen like crazy doing maneuvers at the speed of light. I am only speaking for Fighter vs Fighter Encounters.

Effectively, yes. This is a problem that some other people reported, and we plan to reduce their speed It should allow you to control encounters between fighters and bombers more effectively.

We also want to improve their resistance against flak, since they tend (even with allies) to destroy everything in their path. Which makes sense when it comes to firepower but we believe the commanders of battlestars (and the strike crafft pilots) are intelligent enough to make sure they don't get caught up in their own flak!

Brandan Lee — Would you guys be interested in doing an original IP one day, using a different engine in a similar genre ?

We do plan to create our own video-game... later. However for now that is all we can officially announce. As for the engine, we will probably chose the one that gives us the best optimization in a sense that we want to make a beautiful game while not making the game too hard on some computer systems so that people with lower end rigs will be able to enjoy what we make, without playing at 10fps.

Mark Smith — Are there many brand new ships being developed not seen in the original versions of your mods ?

Yes, absolutely. That being said it depends on the total conversion and more importantly which faction. The finished ones won't have new ships, apart from their graphical enhancement (UHD models and textures).

Krešimir Kalak — What can we expect in terms of the story in ME:R? Will everything be the same as in the original one,or can we expect some improvements or additions ? You mentioned on YouTube once that you are working on a mission similar to The Battle for Earth in ME3,where you take Earth back from the Reapers ? Is that still in works and if so can we get any more info on this ?

For now we are still writing the story for Mass Effect: Reborn and cannot reveal exactly what will happen at this moment in time. However there will be two different campaigns for Mass Effect Reborn. One based on the First Contact War and another based on the main storyline from the games (While not becoming Sheppard Taxi Simulator!)

Yes we plan to create the final battle from Mass Effect 3. However this will be quite difficult to do, since there are hundreds of Reapears against thousands of allied ships. In other words this mission is something we want to do, but right now we're trying to decide how we're going to do it.

Erling Riddervold — Are you planning to do Babylon 5 or Freespace as well ?

Unfortunately, no. We have short and long-term projects based on different franchises. That being said you will probably be happy to hear that there is a Babylon 5 mod in the making for Homeworld: Remastered. More info:

JJ. Donners — Any new screenshots or gameplay coming up ? (like a comparison between the old en new mods)

Sure, here are some images showing the evolution between the classic version back in 2014 and the remastered one. The Remastered versions are still in Alpha for now, which means their final render will be better and more realistic towards their respective franchises than they are now.

James Hogan — Please, tell me that you plan to create a Star Wars mod. It would be awesome if it was made by you.

These aren’t the answers you’re looking for.

Jonathan Gagnon — In Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander, will the cylon basestar swarm missiles ?

Really good idea, maybe such an enhancement could come to life. That being said this would require a lot of resources due to its firepower. That said, yes, sure. Why not?!

Dylan Kempster — I'd like to ask if there is a way to limit ship types for matches, for example no fighters or no hero ships etc. Also will the weapons in game be made so they can hit things other than what they're targeting ?

We give players the opportunity to play with predefined scenarios in skirmishes, like playing against certain ships and/or certain fleets. However the unique limit that exists in skirmish by default is the admiral ship which allows you to activate or deactivate it.

Yes, the weapons can do some damage to objects that are in their line of fire. Like in Stargate Space Conflict where an allied ship can receive shield damage. It is your duty to try and make sure this doesn't happen.

Ricardo Camacho — Release Date would be something we all want to know... When and how can I have them all on my steam Homeworld Remastered Collection ?

Since Gearbox Software is doing some serious modifications and updates to Homeworld: Remastered, we are forced to modify the architecture of our total-conversions. Over the past few weeks we have discussed with Gearbox for new game features too. Especially on a better shield system with more stability and efficiency, new maps and more. Generally we are optimizing out own content for stability and efficiency. This is being done so that those with high end computers will be able to support our high definition content easily, and those with lower end computers will still be able to play!

This is why we can't give a release date for now. However, we will publish our first video episode of our "Developers Blog", in which we will give more information about the progress of our projects. Anyway you will be pleased to hear that Stargate Space Conflict will be the first total-conversion to be publicly available.

Our total conversions will be available on steam, but they will also be available via our own application for Windows (and Mac OS X once the game supports mods on this operating system), called "MyPhoenix", which will be announced soon. This app will let you download and update our mods, discuss with the community and more!

עידו קמין — Will you add more Missions in Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander and/or Mass Effect: Reborn ? Any new types of battlestars too ?

Mass Effect Reborn will have a new campaign, that is for sure. For Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander we plan to improve the current one and eventually, add new missions. However that is still being discussed. In terms of the battlestars, there will be new chassis. More information coming soon.


"We aren't interested in fan-designed and created ships."

Then the game is going to have a very small unit roster indeed. Shame. Would have liked to see the Diaspora ships.

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Thib Author

Please read the whole answer. "We will only use such designs when there is no ship available for a certain class." means that new Battlestar chassis will be available.

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there are alot more canon ships in the BSG universe that were not shown in the show or only shown very brefly

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Can we expect a demo or download of Mass Effect: Reborn before next year?.

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when will this be released

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