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We talk about the SDK, Rampage mode and some other stuff as well as some new content coming to the SDP website

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Well it's around Xmas time and me and soul are having some fun whilst not doing the podcast but it's not all play we have a lot of stuff on the go right now which we will talk about later but first here's some community stuff.

Left 4 Dead 1/2

Source Development Kit

Well everyone pretty much knows this now: that the SDK for Left 4 Dead 2 was released over Xmas. It's no big news flash any more, we were busy over xmas and so had no time to post news about it due to us being off. Still it's old news now but I am just going to mention it anyway. There is a discussion being held about it right here in our forums though.

All I want for Xmas (is to kick your ass)

Another valve release has come out over Xmas, our favourite band the Midnight Riders have released another song despite the Green Flu infection of the world and have brought it to us this Xmas. It's some funny listening to and has prompted someone to express Valve's love for Stoned Wombat after he proclaimed his own love for them. We are a bit freaked out by this and it'd be nice to think that it was Valve read our forums and love stoned wombat as much as us :)

Rampage Mod for Left 4 Dead 2

Steelside, a member of our own community has been letting us know about a mod that he has been working on. It includes some heavy updates for Versus games in Left 4 Dead 2 and brings osme interesting new features which help make Left 4 Dead 2 a bit more fun to play and a lot harder in some instances. He is currently beta testing it with some of our members but i am told that it should be out once all of the tweaks have been fixed, because at the moment it's a bit one sided. We shall keep you informed about that as it develops. Check out the website here.

Simon Pegg on Left 4 Dead 2

Simon Pegg, star of one of the greatest Zombie films ever: Shaun of the Dead has commented on Left 4 Dead 2 saying: "this game is all kinds of awesome. Love the Zs too. Somehow fast is OK here. Good combo of Romero lethargy and 28 Days beserker rage. Sweet!". It is interesting to see some celebritie fans also getting in on this awesome game and posting some comments about it, Romero also did a review of Left 4 Dead 1 which can be read here.

Left 4 Dead 1 Ressurection

Despite seeing the old Survivors in the upcoming DLC pack for Left 4 Dead 2, some clever worker bea's have been working on a Ressurection mod which brings the original campaigns and some more to Left 4 Dead 2. The new campaign will support the original campaigns as they were released with some modifications to their structure but as well as that they will be releasing another version of the campaigns with some major changes including support for the new style of crescendo's compared to the camp-tastic ones found in L4D1. Read about that here.

Scraped Uncommon-Common Infected

Flaming Fox pointed us to a video which contained footage of a uncommon-common infected that they were once playing with during the development of Left 4 Dead 2. I do not know it's name but you can certainly see what it can do. This one when shot becomes a molotov cocktail and covers the floor with fire. It is interesting that this is shown on the campaign Dead Center where there are Hazard Suit zombies with their fire proof suits which could remain un-effected by this uncommon-common infecteds power. I can also see why this has been left out, with it being both extremely dangerous at really tense times it would probably work more for the Survivors then against them. All you need to do was to kill it whilst being chased and everything around it would be weakened.

XBox Live Avatars

Using the X Box Live avatar creator someone has created some Left 4 Dead avatars including Bill and Franics, it's funny to see them in action in some kind of cartoon style format. Submitted by CaptainAwesome, Check them out:

An Interview with Louis (Earl Alexander)

Srg.McMuffin has been posting some links to an interview which was done for PAX, and features Kill 9 studio's Boomers Day off writer as well as that it also has the voice actor behind our friend: Louis. Check out part one here and then move onto part 2 and part 3. In part 2 he does say "Peelz here!"

Zoey's Video Blog

Still from the makers of Kill 9, they have brought us a video blog from Zoey's perspective. It's very very random and is an interesting perspective of Zoey from before the infection. Thanks to McMuffin for that one.

New Z List Signatures Coming

So it's almost 2010 and to celebrate this factor Soul has created loads of brand new Z List signatures, including some for the new survivors and even moving onto other focus's for your signatures menaing that you should have a wide range to choose from come January 1st. Until then you're going to wait to wait a little bit whilst Soul helps me work on the next and final part of the news:

Team Fortress 2 - The Fortress

We mentioned this before Xmas and now we are confirming its release date. At the moment we are configuring the website and finalising the new website them for the release of a new section of the Survivors Diary Community: The Fortress. This was mine and souls first community which we started about 2 years ago but closed down due to us getting little following at the time. It will be run by AA Killer and Ender, me and soul will watch over it and keep it up and running whilst they provide the content. We hope that this will bring a larger group of people to the forum and allow us to have some fun and packed TF2 games. They also have a Server set up for it which is running right now, contact AA Killer for more information. This new website should be up and running January 1st 2010, but there will be a news post for the release of that here as well! Discuss that here.

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