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Details on contributing custom levels for the NODE IGF demo.

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NODE is now ready to have some custom levels from the community! These should make up world 2 but if there are a lot I can make them into world 3 too.

These are the requirements and specifications for levels:-

  • Each level is 53x27 blocks.
  • Computers are 2x2 blocks.
  • Elevators are 4x5 blocks.
  • Enemies are allowed, but try to make sure there aren’t more than 2 in the same area.
  • Circuitry is allowed, but try not to make some ridiculous circuit. Two circuits of around 20 wire blocks each is about all it can handle.
  • It is optional if you want an objective in it, such as destroying servers or deactivating certain circuits or make up your own as long as it’s feasible.
  • You can also think up the name, description and difficulty for the level too.
  • If you wish you can also put text boxes in the level for the player to click and display text of your choice.

Due to the lack of a map editor, this will involve just making a concept on paper and scanning, or something in Paint or however you want.

You can make as many levels as you want, I don’t think I would be receiving 20+ designs. I’ll be choosing them as I make them, so there isn’t really any hard time limit. As long as I get them a few days before the IGF demo and I’ve got free time to add it, it’s fine.

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