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NOTE: DELETE YOUR OLD COMMANDERS OF WAR II FOLDER BEFORE INSTALLING THIS VERSION (an explanation can be found below)! Commanders of War II version 2.0 for Men of War 1.16.4 is finished! It features 14 new maps --including some goodies from its predecessor-- along with new vehicles, units, and much more! For installation, make sure to delete your old Commanders of War II folder before applying this one, to avoid eventual OOS (out of sync) issues.

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Commanders of War II version 2.0 features plenty of new units and map. Most notably there's a higher degree of motorization present now; each nation's army has motorized infantry and their officers spawn in jeeps, for instance, and heavy cannons & artillery start towed with a truck. Other than that, each piece of armor spawns with 4 SMG-armed soldiers for escort (with the exception being the Russians, that receive 8 soldiers for escort for each piece of armor).

Commanders of War II 2.0 changelog:
-In Battlezones, there's always a high amount of flags on the field, even in smaller games, for increased strategic depth.
-For purchasing tanks/SPGs that were historically common, you get a discount on the next one or two (this applies to the following: PzKpfw IIIJ, PzKpfw IIIL, StuG IIIG, Jagdpanzer 38(t), Panther VG, T-34/76 Mod. 1943, T-34/85 Mod. 1944, M4A2 Sherman, M4A2 Sherman 76(W) and M10 Wolverine).
-Unitmode "Medium" (in other words, no heavy tanks)
-Lots of new units (list below)
-14 new maps (list below)
-Price balancing
-More expensive heavy tanks & limits on them
-Cost of artillery and self-propelled artillery drastically increased.
-New background & background music thanks to Cyber.

Here's a complete list of the new units that have been added:


Ostfront Veteranen
Motorisierter Infanterie
Panzergrenadiere (existed before too for Germany, just not in name)
SdKfz 251/9
SdKfz 251/22
Flammpanzer III Ausf.M
StuG III Ausf.G
StuH 42 Ausf.G

Motorized Infantry
OT-34/76 Mod. 1943
PT-34/76 Mod. 1940

Motorized Infantry
Mechanized Infantry
T19 81mm MMC
T30 75mm HMC
M4A3 Sherman 'Crab'
M4A2 Sherman 'Zippo'

United Kingdom
Motorized Infantry
Mechanized Infantry
M4A2 Sherman
M4A3 Sherman 'Crab'
Churchill 'Crocodile'
Churchill AVRE

Commanders of War II version 2.0 also includes many maps from its predecessor --Commanders of War I for Faces of War. The following 14 maps have been added:

Railwar by VIN
My personal all-time favorite; it is essentially an XL version of the existing map Port. There's lots of room available for maneuver, which makes armored clashes awesome due to the tactical options available.
Alps by No.Mam
A large mountainous map with a few towns on it. Some of the narrow mountain-passes provide good defensive positions that also provide protection against enemy artillery. There's some open space on the map aswell.
Seek & Destroy by Ngvede
A decent-sized urban warfare map; it makes one think of Berlin at 1945). The houses offer plenty of tactical protection, and because of the urban nature of the map, it is primarily a close combat map.
Fall of the Reich by 11.pz.div
A large urban map. However, there's open ground on the sides of the town, and within the town too, it is possible to fire from afar because of two major roads going through it.
Leningrad by filon102
A medium-sized urban warfare map. What makes this map interesting is the amount of obstacles making movement for vehicles tough; for the German attackers there's not only plenty of debris lying around, but there's hedgehogs all over the place too. However, the Germans have an advantage in that they are capable of eventually knock out some wooden bridges to effectively cut the Russians off from parts of the map.
Normandy by VIN and U_51
A medium-sized open map with plenty of bushes all over the place. There's one small town with a church on the German side of the map.
Maas Crossing and Nijimegen by Faces of War devs
Two small bridge maps with an urban atmosphere to them; that is, each team start on the opposite side of a bridge. Good maps for those who like frontal slugfests.
Kharkov by MILOJAS
An interesting medium-sized map with a river and a few bridges separating each team's players from each other. Because of this, control over the bridges is vital.
A medium-sized land map with a church on a hill in the middle of it, a few villages, along with some ruins and trenches for strong defensive positions.
Montpellier by MILOJAS
A medium-sized hilly land map with a few villages around it.
Charnwood by MILOJAS
A medium-sized flat land with a few towns and some lakes.
Remagen by MILOJAS
A medium-sized map with bridges, shallow water (it's possible to cross) and urban area in the middle.
A medium-sized land map.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


i like it

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