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The first update of "Commander - Alpha version" is out today! Also: big news concerning the next one.

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Hi folks!

The new update of Commander is now available! This is the first Alpha update, which means that from now on, the Alpha version is more awesome than the Demo version. If everything goes as planned, there will be an update for the Alpha version every month and the next one will be a HUGE one (I know you're excited! Read below to know more!)

So, what's new in this version?

- Bigger battlefields
- New sound effects (ex: different sound for spaceships)
- New camera that follows the player (can be controlled manually with R/F!)
- New "how to play" and "credits" panels
- More levels*

The 1001 little touches
- Bigger World 1 layout
- Sound effects fade depending on the camera zoom
- Added the velocity of the spaceship to the fired bullets
- Music fade when pausing the game
- The bullet's explosion color (fired by the spaceship) match the spaceship color
- Force field effect if you try to leave the battlefield like a coward
- Intro cutscene is back with new sfx
- A cool animation when you finish the last level of World 1
- Spaceship shield don't appear if a bullet explode "on the spaceship"

Under the hood, for programmers:

- Current LOC: 45644 (delta: +5034)
- Commits: 158
- Better handling of "worlds", "levels", "campaign"
- Better handling of user data
- Refactored the code for the multiverse*

* Exciting news for the next update!

So I did not designed as much levels as I wanted or added new enemies in this update because I was busy expanding the battlefield and working on the camera. And now I will be busy doing something really awesome for you guys: in the next alpha update, the level editor will be available. Not only that, I'm currently working on the "multiverse"... yeah, THE MULTIVERSE! Imagine you could create your own "world" with as many levels as you can fit in it. Then imagine adding warps in your world to travel to other worlds made by awesome players like you. Then imagine doing all that in-game with leaderboards and all. Well sir, in one month, you will be able to do so! So what are you waiting for? Be part of the alpha today!

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