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About the extra Missions: Both the Starting locations and the Ending locations of all three campaigns (GDI, Nod, Scrin) will be explained and given, and also some information about the first missions for the campaigns, there will also be an update about what's finished so far. I also have an announcement to make.

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The Starting and Ending Locations for the campaigns:

The Story for GDI will start inside the GDSS Philadelphia, that means there will be at least one mission aboard the Philadelphia. So there will be a model of the entire Philadelphia, I'm going to create an interior for it. If renegade gets problems handeling such a model, than i'm probably going to create multiple areas for the philadelphia, so then there will be some extra intro-missions. After some time aboard the Philadelphia, you will be sent down to earth to investigate some Nod activity, and not just any Nod activity, but Nod activity in a Blue-Zone (B-1 or B-2), because we all know that Nod only acts in Red- and Yellow-Zones.
GDI's Campaign will not end with Destroying the Control Node, There will be one more mission to do then, and that mission is to secure the Last Remaining Threshold Tower, and bring it under GDI control. This means you're going to get a though time beating an even harder mission then destroying the Control Node.

The Nod story will probably start inside Temple Prime in Sarajevo, Temple Prime will get a Labyrinth of halls, corridors and stairs, and also maybe a look on the interior of the actual Temple. For Temple Prime there will probably also be multiple areas and multiple missions. Temple Prime will be at the start of the Nod Campaign in decay, and you will witness the rise of Kane.
Nod's story will have some interruptions, so the missions that are included will be most of the time around major happenings, so the missions during the interruptions aren't important enough to include.
The Nod Campaign will end in the same way it does in Kane's Wrath AND as in Tiberium Wars, you will have to retrieve the Tacitus, as well as save the last Threshold Tower from being destroyed. There might be some re-writing with these missions to give them a real order. You will probably have to retrieve the Tacitus, and afterwards (while LEGION and Kane are trying to save it) you will need to secure the Threshold Tower.

The Scrin campaign will be playable after you've both completed the Nod Campaign, as well as the GDI Campaign. This means you have already seen a lot of stuff from C&C 3, but... we'll take it one step further; The Scrin campaign will start inside of the Scrin "Mothership", There you will get to see the entire Scrin command that was sent to Earth, AND all of there Equipement, including 19 Threshold Towers that are set ready to Phase-Shift to its Earth Location. This will seem like a vast and major introduction to Scrin now, but since you already have finished the Nod and GDI missions at that time, it won't seem that big if you play it by then.
Scrin's campaign will be extended with a lot of missions, so you won't have to do just four missions, but probably like twenty or thirty missions

Both the Temple Prime mission(s) and the Philadelphia mission(s) and the Mothership mission(s) will be some sort of training missions/artwork missions, during these missions you will be trained to use a lot of the C&C3 vehicles, weapons and powers in an FPS/TPS environment, and you'll get some views on created art-stuff from the C&C: Tiberian Story-line

What's finsihed so far:

The Mod's name has been updated to "Command & Conquer: The Third Tiberium War", and there are also some new idea's/starts, i've just started on the Nod Oblisk of Light Exterior, and the GDI Power Plant exterior is nearly finished, also some things to say:
The Power Plants size is much bigger than the Barracks, so the scale isn't going to be the same as it is in C&C3, but the proportions will be more... accurate as it is in "real"-life
Also a Renegade "Bug" (I think it's a bug) will be deleted, Vehicles will be built inside the War factory's, Warp Sphere, Reclamator Hub, Warp Chasm or Redeemer Engineering Facility, this means that you need to enter a factory to get into your vehicle, so it's a bit more walking, but your vehicle is safer from attacks, the only way the enemy is able to attack your vehicle, is when they enter the war factory's or warp sphere.
Last thing to say, if your PC has troubles running Renegade, then I hope this mod wil work on your PC, because the maps will be bigger, perhaps even 3 times as wide, and 3 times as long as normal maps in Renegade, also... every building, unit or any other "thing" will have a lot more poly's.

The mentioned announcement:

It will take some time before there will be a new update, because both PC's that could be used are down, so there need to be new PC's first

That's it for now, i'll keep you guys posted...

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