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I've been debating on setting up a forum or something to hold this, but for now, I am using this Article and I am working on the basis that everyone will be able to use the comments section to comunicate.

I would like to start by welcoming all of you to the Group.
I am General Zool, the lead project manager for the entire MOD.
I will be mostly over-seeing what you are all doing and so on.
Please note, you are working voluntarily, each for your own reasons.
Some of you are better than others in certain areas and same visa-versa.
Some of you are looking into getting work experience from this and others are looking into gaining reputation.

Firstly, I would like for all of you to get to know each other as you are going to working cooperatively together.
Get to know each others strengths and help each other to improve on weaknesses.
I would like for you all to organise yourselves, and I will be assessing and taking notes along the way.

I know my hours are limited online, so you won't be hearing a lot from me.
However, for some level of structure, I am going to place lazoblanco in charge for now.
This is only to provide structure, then I will select someone else down the line.
Why do it like this?
This is so that everyone can get some experience in all aspects of working as part of a team.
This will be entirely random, and I will try to ensure that everyone gets their own chance to start, form, produce and publish their own projects.

There will be two types of projects, one Individual and the other as a group.

Projects done as an Individual can be posted at any time by anyone as segments or as entire pieces.
These projects will then be criticised constructively by everyone within the group.
Unwarranted criticism or otherwise unfair or non-constructive criticism will not be tolerated.
Any bullying will be based on a strike system, and it's two strike and out.
Constructive criticism that is worded poorly will be noted by me and I will message you on how to not sound so harsh or otherwise word it better.
If I do not spot bad criticism, please do notify me as soon as possible.
Projects that are graded highly, may be used for the MOD.

Projects done as a Team Effort, will have set dates and time-frames to work by.
Planning will need to collaborated between you all and it will be whoever is team leader for that project to ensure the time-frame is met.
These projects will be assessed by me and I will provide a written response in reply to the project.
Projects of this type will be assessed on all aspects, and this means references.
These projects will assess team-working ability and reports will be made based on output and performance of everyone individually.
The project time-frame will be proposed by the team leader and I will say if the time-frame is too long or too short.
Then the team leader has the responsibility of ensuring that everyone is pulling their weight and that nobody is left out.
Once the group gets large enough, more team leaders will be assigned and that means more teams, and team project head-to-heads will be done.

So, I hope you all get to know each other over this coming week, and I will try to get back to you all next week (Fri/Sat).


A little inconvenient, I know, but I am looking into forums and how to go about making one (that works fine, and isn't confusing).

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I assume this is where we post something about ourselves and our skill sets as like an ice breaker? Well, if so, here's about me:

I'm an 18 year old from the UK. In September (in about six weeks), I'm due to start a BA Honours degree in music production at the British Institute of Modern Music (BIMM). I've previously studied various music courses at A-Level, GCSE and BTEC. In terms of my skill set when it comes to music, I've played drums for over 7 years and recently within the last 4 or 5 years have taught myself to play piano/keys/synthesisers etc. I started doing music production around 3 years ago. Heres some examples of some of my work:

As a person, I'm quite cynical, but I'd like to think of myself as a respectful guy and am willing to listen to others' opinions/work as a team. Looking forward to working with you guys.

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I am a Sound Designer and Composer From Canada. I have a Bachelor in Music and A Diploma in Audio Production. I have been playing music for 10 years, mostly piano and guitar. Looking forward to working with you people.

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