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Due to the negative feedback for MOD as of 18.05.15. Command and Conquer 0 Dawn of Time is now undergoing an overhaul to both its Gameplay and its Storyline. Any and all ideas will be considered, so if you have any ideas about what to do with C&C0DT; please leave a reply of PM GEN.ZOOL.

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What's going on?

As many would probably be relieved, Command and Conquer 0 is being overhauled. Due to the feedback of many people an overhaul has been called, this in turn means that all current progress will be reassessed and a new Storyline will be rewritten.

What will be kept?

It would be unfair to scrap everything, so, we will keep a few things. All TGA files that currently exist will be kept however certain features may be edited.

Why are we doing this?

As I said, the feedback hasn't been positive. We are to repair the damage done by EA not to destroy it any more than it already is. After the bombshell that Command and Conquer 4, we thought we should continue bringing new CnC games into the world, not just leave the world without.

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