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3.0 is finally here. You can now wage war with the New UNION Faction.

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Command Assault v3.0 Changes What's Added:

- New Faction - Union - Airpower focused, limited variety of ground forces. They are dependent on slower means of gathering and building warehouses to add resource drop points. No Commando or superweapon ATM.

Balance changes:

- Visor Harvesters no longer return to base to process resources, however rehouse gathering rate decreased. Infantry can also drop resources to Harvesters.

- Bunker Crusher stats increased.

- Changes so there is more consistency with max resource cap across all factions. +5000 limit per HQ. Additional drop points only grant +1

- Atlus WASPs lower stats and increased cost.

- Other minor adjustments.


- Download from here:

- To install extract and place assault_command_v3 folder into your appdata megaglest/techs folder. For Windows 10 it should look like: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\megaglest\techs

- Start custom game and search for tech assault_command_v3


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