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The past two weeks have seen further development on Bombardier check out some screenshots we took from a play test of the Mayan Temple. Lots of improvements in and out of game we are waiting on our Steam approval for Bombardier and have been playtesting a bunch to really nail down the levels we have so far.

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Hey Everyone,

Its been a busy two weeks once more for us at Studio Squid Inc always pushing forwards and getting things to feel just right. We just finished up our Steam page so i expect that to be hitting Steam next week at some point but in the mean time it would be a good time to share some of the images we gathered from our playtest as they look awesome in my opinion and hopefully show a little bit more of the game.

Steam MayanTemple

Above we have how the temple level will start with players spawning in from each corner there are things still to add and change we need some more fire since obviously thats what the image is missing.

Steam MayanTemple Gameplay

Then as the arena plays out and the players start trying to outsmart one another the arena play area gets smaller as it blows up the beauty of video is its much easier to snap shot at a certain point and i think this image shows it off rather well. There are other plans for this level but we want that core gameplay to play well and feel good which so far everything is heading in that direction.

Lastly we made some cool images for the store with our logo attatched from previous screenshots taken which just look awesome heres a sneak peak at one

store capsule main

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