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All good things have to come to an end. Unfortunately, also the trashy things. Right now we are working on the final improvements of "Into the Dark" along our Alpha work on "Into the Ice."

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

we are very grateful for all the community here has done for our game. We are grateful for every single customer, for the feedback, the rants, the praise and your ongoing support for our game. We have almost 600 watchers, we came across the 500.000 visits benchmark a long, long time ago and we were twice in the finals of the IOTY awards. All this would have been impossible without YOUR support, and that is what we say "thank you!" for.

However, the time has come for us to move on.

We have already launched the "Into the Ice" IndieDB page over there.

In addition to that, we have already an IndieGoGo campaign running for the game. A campaign as insane as we are (read the perks!), and we will start promoting it somewhen in the coming week. You can already watch the promo video here:

However, these new steps also mark a point where we will end the developement of "Into the Dark" itself. Don´t get us wrong: We won´t turn the lights out and say "Goodbye & thanks for the fish", we won´t stop posting here for good, but we will finalize the ultimate, final, last patch for Into the Dark during the next weeks.

As no reproducable showstoppers or gamekilling bugs have been reported after the last update, there are only 2 points on our mind:

  • Implement some function to easily customize your controls (This can already be done in the setup.ini, but we aim for something more userfriendly)
  • RAM Optimization in order to make the game faster and to prevent the occasional "load next level crashes"

So, if you believe we have missed something essential, tell us. That´s what a comment section is for, isn´t it?

Peace out,

your Homegrown Team

PS: If you still haven´t bought the "best game in the world" (at least according to GameTube), get it at the latest discount prize, including Into the Ice Alphas and the full movie "Night of the Living Dead"

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