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Some of the upcoming Changes coming in 1.05 as I try to keep polishing the good ol´ Brytenwalda for a better and more smooth experience

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-Rework of naming tags of bards, travelers and Ransom Brokers with mood adjectives to differentiate them further

-Added new .lods to several of the Bl-type shields in shield3.brf to avoid them popping out of existence when watching units carrying them and walking/riding away from them. Added up to 4 .lod´s to all those shields.

-Fixed Villager Woman troop trees by having subsequent troop upgrades be able to shoot their included bow and arrow with skill, as their listed skill was set to 0 in vanilla despite having enough Power Draw to wield them.

-Added two new bandit troop types to add variety to bandit spawns and have a legal way to obtain the named E"ye-popping" bow in game.

-Rework of certain tavern npc´s inventories to avoid making them look like clones of each other

-Fix of several scenes in static areas of the map that had mismatching trees/rocks/items floating around or at unseemly angles.

-Altered some party templates to include the new two bandit troops

-More general polishing of item_kinds1.txt

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