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What happens when Greeks encounter Orcs? Find out soon!

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Greeks and Orcs have rarely encountered each other... as it turns out, they are not compatible.

The initial release is coming soon! Jump into multiplayer or singleplayer and build a city to hold off the Orcish onslaught. A spin-off of the in-progress DyVox Sandbox (which will get a better name some day), Greeks Vs Orcs

Two modes are currently available, Survival and Sandbox.


Build a colony and defend it against an endless onslaught of Orcs. The number of Orcs per wave slowly increases, with a siege every 5 waves. Survive as long as you can and don't get too attached to anything you build. Great for a quick game with friends and to get used to the mechanics.


All features are available in this mode. Currently one 3 square kilometer map with ambient orcs and settlers. Settlers will build Greek style villages, you can join one or create one where you're in charge. Orc war parties will pillage and grow with their successes. Leading an attack on one of their camps at night can help cull their numbers.

Future Gamemodes (tentative):

Campaign - A directed sandbox mode, multiple victory conditions and quests. Multiplayer capable

Hold the Line - A battle mode for co-op and versus.

More info to come soon! Feedback and suggestions are welcome!

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