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Very soon, actually. Like, tomorrow-soon. Promise.

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Very soon, actually. Like, tomorrow-soon. Promise.

All right, looks like we got a ModDB profile! I'm only posting this so the front page won't look so empty. Game is released tomorrow, hopefully you'll like it*.

There's no chance of slippage, because the project is due tomorrow, so we're totally screwed if we don't hand it in. Just sitting at the office (it's 10 pm in Denmark right now) and taking care of the last few things - putting the credits into the game, testing for the optimal Unity quality settings, and all that jazz. The game is going up on tomorrow with the help of the Unity web player, but in case you want to play it in full-screen, we'll be uploading it here as well, so you can get it from a trusted source.

More in this space tomorrow, obviously!

* You'll definitely like it.

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