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New images revealed,including another temple design and a sneak peek of puzzles!.

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Hello everyone!

We have been a little disconnected from the site, but we have returned with new updates.

Now that we have more people in the team,we are making progress in modelling and coding. Our programmer pcabrera is analyzing the code in order to have new functions on Thanatos.

For example, we are making tests in the secondary button which is going to be use as a defense mechanism to avoid being killed by the enemies. This function is one of the main attractions of the game, so we hope this could be used as we expected.

On the other hand, we also are working in the enemy IA so the enemies could be more smarter and be more agressive and work as a team. It's difficult but not impossible.

During the week, me (XAN-1708) was working in new concepts,specially in weapons and special items, something really cool that the user would remember for a long time. Derek, our 3D artist is doing a great job drawing also and making 3D models of the basic enemies and exclusive objects that you will find thought the game.

Mapping is almost done! You MUST check out the upcoming screens of the so called: Fire temple. Q_Layer has done lots of effort to create an extensive,difficult and confusing map that will make you think about the surroundings looking for something important.

There's a lot of things to add in the mod; New characters, cutscenes,dialogs,etc. But its going to take some time to do that. Our webpage is almost done. We recommend you to stop by and say hi in our forums. Also you can post any comments about the game, we will appreciate it a lot.

We'll continue working on the mod, but for now, I need some sleep.

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