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As "Dungeon Crawler" is released "Life in Abar" follows with a set release date scheduled in ten days on September 17 2015.

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Before you read this be sure to go check out Dungeon Crawler here on IndieDB as it was released today and this is just a sequel.

Anyways continuing on "Life in Abar" is a game where you just look at the beautiful scenery and enjoy the music and sounds of birds and animal swimming / flying along. This is not a game like Dungeon Crawler where you murder hideouse beasts and destroy cultists as it is again, just a look and see game.

Please, do not leave any hate comments saying "This game isn't interesting!" or "No action = No fun." as there are many others (Such as myself) who can just take it all in and enjoy whats there, and not dwell on what is missing.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

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