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You like new content and features, don't you? Here's a sneak-peek at some of the things that will arrive with Project Y4 R02...

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I'm sure you can tell by the "01" in "R01" that, while Project Y4 is finished, it's not finished.

The aim of R02, then, is to add a bit of flesh to the main game. Equipment, side quests, areas, computer screens... Everything that can ease the general sparseness of events and points of interest.

Of course, that means that, if you've already played R01 and think there's some area that needs more stuff or a bit of a rejig, now's your chance to let me know. And if you haven't, well, what are you waiting for?

RDZ Industries: Project Y4 R01d

R02 Equipment
There is going to be quite a lot of extra equipment appearing in R02. Some of them are "upgrades", new versions of existing items so you can keep using your favourite weapons right into the finale, while others are brand new pieces that will hopefully offer some new tactics... While others still are purely there because they look cool.

  • (Undercarriage) Marseille's Ricochet: fires a bouncing blade projectile
  • (Undercarriage) Spiderbot Assembler: consume the wreckage of fallen enemies to produce an army of spiderbots (I knew I added decay animations for something!)
  • (Undercarriage) Portable Turret: buy these undercarriage sentinels from Factory Control and deploy them to defend a location
  • (Weapon) G1 Cleavers: heavy blades, that can foul enemy motors with tar to reduce their movement and attack speeds
  • (Shield) Amberite Shields: when you find the Amberite chunk, you can now choose to make a pair of shields instead of swords
  • (Weapon) Caustic Blades 2: upgraded version of the caustic blades
  • (Weapon) Greater Ammo Pack Shields: upgraded version of the ammo pack shields
R02: Marseille R02: Portable Turrets
R02: G1 Cataphract

R02 Side Quests
Naturallly, all this new equipment necessitates new ways to acquire it. While some will unlock for purchase, others are integrated into new side quests.

The major side quest is the Necropolis area. This was slated for the original R01 release but had to be held back due to some creative difficulties. Not anymore!

There are several activities you can indulge in at the Necropolis:

  • Defeat the pirate captain Marseille to get a hold of his infamous Ricochet
  • Find the secret code, defeat the Dazzle Alpha and brave the gauntlet to find a powerful weapon

And quite apart from the Necropolis, there are two side quests going into the main game: the Detention Centre in the waste annex was a previously unused hook, for example...

R02 and the Rest
Plus a huge raft of fixes and tweaks. New drone opponents, mini-bosses, terrain tweaks, balance tweaks... It should be a good 'un.

R02: Mag-Lev Trains Coming in R02: The Mausoleum
Coming in R02: SMech

R01 Still Works
Until R02 is done (and it may be some time, I have to admin), you can still indulge in R01 and the spin-off Arena Y4!

RDZ Industries: Project Y4 R01d
RDZ Industries: Project Y4 R01d

RDZ Industries: Arena Y4
RDZ Industries: Arena Y4

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