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14th of November - General Strike in Europe | 29th of November - U.N Palestinian Solidarity Day

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This month there's two main events happening:
On the 14th of November there is planned for a general strike throughout Europe. This is in response to the crisis Europe face today, and the further exploitation of the working class by the bourgeoisie to fix the economic debt issue (lower wage, more tax ect)It's pretty important to support this. General strikes is one of the most efficient form of strike-action workers can impose on their government and employers, and it has been on of the most efficient ways to bring reforms in favor of the workers. Today most unions has split up to stand up for their occupation only and not entire sectors, hence drastically lowered the force the unions has held against those whom we sell our labor to. This is why it's so important to work against splits and work up to join our ranks once more again and show solidarity with our comrades whom are under pressure, both national and international. As the immortalized IWW slogan says: “An injury to one is an injury to all!”. If your union hasn't taken a stance on this yet, you should definitely bring it up and make a stance on it. If you're not a member of a union, then there's always the IWW ( ), whom actively work for international solidarity and direct democracy, which should stand close in any Marxist's heart.

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"On the 29th of November UN celebrates its international solidarity day for the Palestinian people, and the birthday to resolution 181.
Because of this, President Mahmoud Abbas has spoken out that the Palestinian government will deliver a request to the UN general-council to promote Palestine's status from observers to "non-member state", to further strengthen the international recognition of the Palestinian state. The resolution can go through with simply the majorities votes and it's awaited that at least 130 of the 193 votes will go in favor of the resolution. In an answer to this, the Israeli government has threatened to further uphold sanctions upon the occupied territories if such a resolution would go through, and just days ago their seriousness of this showed, as the Israeli state attacked unprovoked Palestinians in Gaza, resulting to 30 hurt and 1 person killed." – PalKom Norway
Palestine since the 1948-war has been under military occupation of Israeli government and today an apartheid situation exists between the two people. Palestinian territory increases to diminish as Israel continues to build settlements and with forcibly evict the Palestinian residents, taking both their possessions, land and resources. The Palestinian people has yet no international recognition by most western states and live thus without citizenship of any kind leaving them with no choice to leave, yet no choice to stay either. This not being enough, the Palestinians doesn't have free passage in their own areas the still posses as many has to go through many military checkpoints a day, to get from and to work, to trade and so forth. These checkpoint does allow very little to pass through them, and barely enough for those fortunate enough to actually have wares and food to survive on. These checkpoint also are brutal as those going through them are treated very much like animals by the Israeli military-police, and repeatedly people are hurt, harassed and in some cases even has been killed (by starvation, gotten their bones broken in through the checkpoints doors ect.) and raped.
The topic goes deeper and deeper, both the economic interests to the west (especially the U.S) in this and why this situation continues on and is ignored internationally, even with most of the major human-rights organizations all backing up the Palestinian interest in this conflict (where efforts of human aid continues to be blocked by by the Israeli government and latest attempt shown by their attack on the “Ship to Gaza” action).
This is perhaps why it's so important to support and celebrate this day, get the information on the situation out to the people and put the spotlights back on the atrocities carried out (mainly from Israel, but also from extremist groups such as the Hamas). Putting your support to the resolution however won't do much for Palestine financially, but it's a huge step towards their freedom and eventually force Israel to drop its apartheid.

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* On beforehand I apologize on any grammatical errors from my side, any mishaps in the article or anything of information that's been wrongly presented (from an objective side, not subjective); I wrote this in a hurry.

Q: Got any events you'd like the group to have their attention too?

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