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really sorry for this bad news D: i try speed up my work if i get two map makers! who can help me?

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You've been kidnapped by a mad-man called steve and he's set you in the start of a series of tests he'll put you though. You must not only make you're way through this mad-man's test, but you must also find a way to escape before you hit the end!Not only will there be different endings for this mod, but there will also be several different ways to escape as you're going through the tests. You miss one of the ways through the tests, then await the next availability to escape! But, if you fail to escape and make it to the end of the tests, the outcome will not be pretty! Let me know if you like the idea and plot of the story/mod. The outcome of the conversion could always come out different depending on the communities likeness of it.Demo possibly after map 3 or 4 is done. [:Intro Map:
Built: 100%
Scripting: 95&#xSp;ecial thanks to:
Tanshaydar (for) A few full conversion errors I was getting, he helped solve(for) Helping to get the daggers working the way I needed them to Voice acting


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