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The 1.7 Beta is coming ... this night (if no important bug occurs). Don't be afraid by the size ~350 Mb, it is a beta version, next versions will be lighter. I highly recommend you this download with so many new tweaks.

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Dear dods fans,
I will upload my 1.7 Beta this night... or tomorrow.

Why Beta ?
Because I discovered that dods maps were using hundreds of textures, and I have to find the perfect detail parametres for these. It is a rat work !

So I am working hard on it, but everything isn't as I'd like.

Why now ?
Because all new improvments are now working correctly. I am sorry for what I wrote in last post. If on WinXP ENBSeries performances are really bad, you can play with ENBSeries in vista and directx 10, the fps drop isn't that terrible... that's a great news indeed .

I just now have to fix last few installer bugs and then compile it...

See you soon

Changelog :
Experimental ENB Series
Higher res players
More bumpmaps
Detailed crates, more detailed textures (>80), enhanced snow
HD rocks and new HD textures
Enhanced cvars
Using Fakefactory enhanced shaders
New interface and game music
New tank skin by Wile e Coyote

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