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Kage : Rise is Hosting, come and play now to claim your village role!

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Hi, I'm Scott, aka Avid and I'd like to invite you to check out some of my work. Kage: Rise of the Tengu is a 2D action adventure MMO that features skill-based ninja action.

  • Original Storyline in which you awaken the trinity of powers, Body, Mind, and Soul in your quest to become the strongest.
  • Village vs Village competition. Participate in raids and Village warfare with your fellow nins.
  • Go on missions of all types, crafting, gathering and enemy bashing as you improve your ninja rank and perfect your Nindo.
  • Join or Create your own clan, craft unique clan items and accessories.
  • Events - Scavenger hunts and randomized events that affect gameplay as well.
  • Learn and utilize dozens of ninpo with the dynamic skill system.
  • Completely customize your character in almost all ways.
  • Much more!


The game is in development, but you can check it out, play the progress so far (which features about 20 hours of content on the main story) and make suggestions.


You can also check out Kage in these places:

Thanks for reading!

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