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I have started streaming my work when i work on turok and my other game, if you are interested in joining me please drop by.

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Hey I said id still update here, I know its been a while, but hey join me on twitch, donate to help keep me and my little family stay alive while i work on this and if i can secure enough donations i will look at actually hiring people to help so we can push this big boy along.

In other news! the game is coming along nicely, I have switched to using UE4 I have a weapon system and are looking into setting up some other things, i was working on the campaigner sargent last night and you will be able to see that when i get a screenshot of him up. he looks really good, now that i own zbrush and have gotten some practice with it i really enjoy it.

So please stop by twitch TV hang out with me while i build the game, if you really enjoy my direction please by all means donate.

If you simply wish to donate you can do so here, I am looking at getting a kickstarter campaign going but till then this should work.

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