EXU2: Batshit Insane - Demo 3 v4 is available, and it has been for months now, actually. I wasn't planning to distribute it outside of USP until I had thoroughly bug-tested it and I released the final v5 patch, but progress on getting that update out the door has been slow, and v4 is already quite well-polished, so here! Go get it! Who knows, maybe you'll find some new horrible bugs. Isn't that an exciting prospect?

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Because it's taking me a lot longer than expected to release the final v5 patch for Demo 3, I'm going ahead and unleashing the current version on you poor, unfortunate souls. Demo 3 v4 is, for the most part, still perfectly complete and bug-free; the stuff in v5 is meant to knock out the last few issues (mostly netplay things) and add some minor improvements to a few of the maps and some major ones to the AI. But in the mean time, just go ahead and get v4, and then download the v5 patch once it's ready. The majority of the experience will be the same from v4 to v5.

Download the mod here:

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