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Whole new combo user interface, new greenhouse room, and more!

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Amaze-balls New Demo Trailer

Like what you saw? You can pick up the free demo, this very second!

Bordered Logo with Call to Actio

New Combo User Interface

  • Clearly denotes that kills give health. No more waiting until the end of a level to heal!

  • Clearly states that chaining abilities together gets you the most health.

  • Shows which abilities offer more health. Specifically, melee-centric abilities.

  • Easy to see how much time remains per ability.

New Greenhouse Room

The Goblins have a GIGANTIC greenhouse in their compound... but for what evil purpose?!

Lanyard Improvements

Once equipped with a lanyard, Roger will automatically pick up key cards in range, even if both hands are occupied. However, having a free hand maximizes the auto-grab range. No more fumbling with dropping items to pick up a card!

Improved Crosshair

Taking inspiration from good ol' Counter-Strike, the crosshair now grows bigger as your guns lose accuracy. For example, the crosshair will bloom when spraying automatic weapons, when weapons are hit by projectiles or other debris, or rapidly spinning around. This makes it clearer that certain abilities, specifically sliding and shoot dodging, greatly increases how fast Roger will reorient his guns.

Poor accuracy.

Good accuracy, thanks to shoot dodge.

Objective Improvements

  • Top right objective text will now explicitly state to explore to find the exit.

  • You may now destroy any server to complete the destroy server objective.

  • Servers are no longer strangely super explosive... now they spark upon destruction.

  • Objectives now give health immediately upon completion. For example, destroying the server.

User Interface

  • Added ability bar to bottom of screen, with controls. Gives you a sense of what you have attained in the run.

  • Death screen is now delayed a few seconds, so players can enjoy how they failed terribly. Roger also speaks a witty line.
  • Game now mentions that you can cancel shoot dodging with dash. (We will be adding canceling to shoot dodging soon.)
  • Added mouse sensitivity to Options.

  • One of our biggest requests, surprisingly: On/off options no longer use sliders, but instead traditional toggle buttons.

  • Options now mentions that CTRL+G toggles the GUI.


  • Thrown saw blades now stick to walls. :-D
  • Lockable doors now have an obvious screen stating whether they are locked or not, and what is necessary to unlock them.

  • Key card spawns are now less predictable.
  • Projectiles now pierce through glass shards.

  • Roger will now speak about being stylish to regain health, when low at health.
  • There is now a tutorial on how to drop items.
  • Roger will now recommend switching guns when a gun runs out of ammunition.
  • Robots now drop debris upon death.

Bug Fixes

  • Roger now will say "out of ammo" upon the last bullet being fired, instead of one click later.
  • Lava now destroys interactables, like key cards. (Don't worry, key cards will respawn!)

  • Fixed ragdolls going invisible.
  • Level completion screen will now show, despite not earning any points.
  • Escape KEY no longer impacts pause menu when other windows are open on top.

Special Thanks

Thanks to all the players on the Discord who have streamed their gameplay with me, so I can take dutiful notes, and make laser-focused updates to the game! We've made a boat-load of progress in just three major updates, rounding out all the rough corners, and turning the game into what streamer described as, "legendary."

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