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we are adding a new npc called the combine spy the next paragraph will tell you all about it.

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Breton Player-Slayer (aka Nova Prospekt Soldier) was programming a CombineSpy, it will disguise and whenever you attack it it shall uncover its disguise and appear as a regular soldier with a shotgun. The disguise could be barney holding a SMG1, but actually it carries a shotgun. Many of you know about the tf2 spy, yes, this is basically something similar to it. The industrial of Combine is very unknown, high tech (look at the suits!) Its a v1.0 spy so dont say it sucks please, and their were 3tests. 1. - Disguised and when shot he would undisguise with a normal soldier model and attack you. 2. - Disguised, when shot was insta-killed and dropped the weapon + ragdoll of the real spy. 3. - Whenever killed, it would fool the player into a feign of almost fully-cloaking, and would flee from the player into a safe area to fight another day, and whenever he would die with his weapon, it wouldnt drop ammo, it would drop a prop_dynamic with a physical box around it so it fools the player, and tricks him from getting any ammo from the spy.

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