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Combiner Module for Dark Crusade? Help me pick mods to include in a Dark Crusade combiner module.

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I am considering making a combiner module for Dark Crusade. Keeping in mind a combiner only works or standalone race mods. These are mods that add a single race that is balanced with the vanilla game. What i want you guys to do is post links to the mod or mods you want included in the combiner module. Sometime i shall download the mods and make a combiner module which i shall then upload here for all to download with ease.


please do,i need it

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Darth_Cameroth Author

I don't know if you will ever be back guest but if you have any Dark Crusade race mods in mind tell me which ones they are i'll try and find them and put a combiner together.

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I just uploaded a Combiner for Dark Crusade here (as of now pending approval):

It's old - I made it in 2008 - so it may have problems with newer versions of the supported mods. I tested it and it seemed to work, but I'll have to make more tests to be sure.

Tell us of any issues you encounter.

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