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Modification info of the basketball mod v0.6 for cultivating immortals by warband.

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Modification info of the basketball mod v0.6 for cultivating immortals by mountblade warband:

1. skills based on the <journey to the West> ‘s skill -seventy-two changes of 89 xuangong:

Reptiles-tigers and bears collide with the ball.

A dragon/crane/eagle fist layup. Dragon bites the ball/crane or eagle catches the ball and shoots

Temporarily add these animals later.

Among them, the animal breath with ball collision has standby running and attacking actions. When holding down W, it is running action. When holding down W and colliding with people, there will be flying effect and animal attacking action. Flying animals that shoot and layup only take flight action for the time being, but you can find attack action in the model, which can be used for blocking the ball in the future. Reptiles and flying animals use different random sequences for the random use of skills. Among them, players can use it actively by pressing J, and all players will use it passively when the anger of being attacked rises to 100.

And added the corresponding animal sound effects.

2. When repeatedly switching M to switch the full/half-court mode, the player may not be able to shoot, so the reason is not checked for the time being. When you find that you can't throw the ball/dunk within the range, you can attack or defend others or press V to throw the ball to others and recover from this bug. Therefore, it is recommended to play the half-court mode for the time being.

3. Fix the problem that the cursor is sometimes not on the ball when the ball is in an uncontrolled state


lol, nice work

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