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The site had a few months of hands on preview for the upcoming release Battalia Requiem. Small bits of info on the races, the new AI, ships and the setting for the new release.

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Aftermath: Battalia Requiem logo (final version)

Over the past few months, Dagger from CombatAce has had exclusive hands on access to the upcoming release Battalia Requiem. Its something I decided on a long time ago was to allow different sites access to Aftermath material. CombatAce being the first to get a hands on preview of Battalia Requiem. Recently CombatAce did a feature for Aftermath and focused on the upcoming release; Battalia Requiem.

A lot of the material in it has been taken from small interviews here and there, hands on testing, various promo releases over the previous 6-8 months and the staff members own input into how things are shaping up. The review does jump back and forth in a few areas mainly due to the previous promo being scattered everywhere and some can be traced back to late last year. In the review you get to see a few bits and pieces into what is to come.

CombatAce feature review: Aftermath Battalia Requiem

This is the first time I have let a site have hands on access to an early build of an upcoming release.


Wow, looking amazing!

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