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This article explains the "custom realtime with pause" combat system of The Call of Liriel.

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Custom realtime with pause?

On The Call of Liriel you can engage the combats as a plain realtime FPS or in a custom realtime with pause way, which is similar to turn-based. This mode, which we called "paused attack" let's you choose which of your characters will perform the attack, the target and the attack type (physical or spell).

Keyboard "E" enters "paused attack" mode. The game will pause letting you select who is the active character (unless it hasn't recovered from a previous attack), what will you attack, open the inventory, the enemy info, cast a spell, etc. When you make an attack the game will unpause and pause again in 1 second. You can also perform a wait action (T"), which will unpause and pause again when another character recovers from a previous attack. This will last forever unitil you hit the ESC key, which exits the "paused attack" mode, going back to plain realtime mode.

Keep in mind that The Call of Liriel is not a FPS, even in plain realtime mode aiming is not what will decide if you hit or not the target. Your characters Attack Bonus, the distance to the target and the dice will decide it.


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