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In the video game industry today, we look for a game with the best graphics and the best gameplay. There are some major contenders who bring home the bacon with a combination of both but there are many companies who are lacking it all. The Developers and Publishers are Nexon ok your going to have to add them administrator ok. Nexon America, a sister company to Nexon Korea, has released their latest game called Combat Arms. With many free games on their list, how can a small company who makes th

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[Info] Start Combat Arms from the Website Now Live!


We've combined the process of logging into the
game and the website. It 's simple – when the patch is live, go to the
Combat Arms website, log into Passport, click Start Game and the game
starts. One login to do everything you need both in the game and on the
website. The Combat Arms icon on your desktop will now direct you to
the Combat Arms website to login and play the game.

Start Combat Arms from the Website Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I start Combat Arms now?
A: It's easy. You can start the game by double-clicking on the game shortcut and logging in or you can just visit the Combat Arms website and login. You will see the big Start Game button to launch Combat Arms. Read the step-by-step instructions for more info.

Q: What does "Start Combat Arms from the Website" mean?
A: We are
introducing a new method where players will be directed to the Combat
Arms website ( to start the Combat Arms game.
Unlike the typical game launcher, which is initiated through the
client, you will now be directed to the Combat Arms website to log in
and start the game from there.

Q: Why are you switching to the Combat Arms website launch?
A: We are
integrating the game and web experiences through the easy access of one
portal. The website will serve as your 1-stop shop for Combat Arms and
access to all Combat Arms web services.

Q: Will this affect the game or how I play the game?
A: No. The only thing that is changing is how you start the game. This does not change the game or game play in any way.

If you are experiencing issues with launching Combat Arms from the website, please click here and select "Technical".

--Nexon America--

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