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Looking for help on a SCI-FI FPS using the Unreal Development Kit. Background Storyline will be uploaded within the next few days.

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Heyy Everyone on MODDB,

I'm Starting work on a SCI-FI FPS using the UDK (UT3 Mod), I'm a IT/Visual Arts/Sound Engineering Student and its been my dream to make a great game for years now. I used to use the Source Engine for most of my work (HL2 and L4D modding) but have recently changed to the UDK (Unreal Engine 3) because of its higher quality visuals and flexibility.

I am a Mapper/Story Writer/Graphic Artist and even though this helps, it's not enough to bring together a good mod/game. I've tried modelling (and failed) and I'm not great at coding. I am looking to bring together a team of enthusiastic people to put this game together. Whether you have no skills and want to help with ideas and more or a skilled modeller, animator, coder, mapper, developer or artist with some free time and a passion it would be great to hear from anyone about it. I will be uploading the Back Story to ‘COMa' (History of the world in which it is based) and ideas about the game. If anyone is interested in working on this game, I would love to hear from you so drop a comment, personal message me or send me a email at

Cheers Bennie Hutch.

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