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Brief overview of the updates made to the game so far. Includes and pre-alpha notes. A post for those of you that like to see the step by step progress of development.

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Finished title screen
Added graphics from Kenney's free packs to serve as better placeholders
Added second core mechanic of the player healing from bullets with similar RGB values
Collected about 45 minutes of game music from Connor O.R.T. Linning and Brian Parker (goal - 1 hour minimum of in-game music)

Gave enemies the ability to shoot back
Established core mechanic of color switching
Contacted composers about using their music and creating tracks specifically for the game
Contacted Desura to set up a page for alpha testing and eventually selling Color Combat

Game prototype started
Added basic controller support
Started framework for toggling fullscreen or adjusting to different monitor sizes
Got a box to move around the screen and shoot little circles, huzzah!

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