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A new video showing off some polished effects for the collapsing mechanic. Check out the video after the jump!

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One of the lessons I have learned over the last 8 years of game development is that for every feature you add to a game, it really has to POP or it won't be given much attention. So this time around when I implemented collapsing, I realized that it couldn't just be blocks falling and hitting the ground, I also needed to add some smoke and dust effects. And then I thought - what about a camera shake? So I did that too!

A note about camera shakes - you gotta be really careful about implementing them, because they can very easily cause someone to get motion sick - even someone like me who typically doesn't get motion sick even on the more violent of boats, or with the most swervy of drivers. In the end, I reduced the amount of motion shake significantly, so now it's just barely noticeable with minor collapses, and a bit more with major collapses. I'll also be making sure that this feature can be turned off in the options for people who have real problems with motion sickness, or just prefer to have it off.

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