The level begins with both players donning akimbo glock 18's, but there are plenty of weapons to pick up along the way as well including a small set of arms directly available from the outset. Laying on the ground when the mission begins are two sets of thumpers, AA12 shotguns with a heartbeat sensor, P90 w/Red Dot sights, and a set of M240 machine guns. You can swap out weapons right off the bat, or leave the stash for a mid-challenge return trip. I personally stuck with the akimbo G18's, but would swap out for the P90 when the time was right.

Bomb Squad includes three main bomb sites, each guarded by an opposing terrorist force. Most players will kick the mission off by making their way to point one, located on the Southeast side of the map, but from there have a few different options for the following two sites. The first bomb is located deep within a dead end market street filled with chicken cages, plenty of rooftop overwatches, and a steady stream of ground soldiers.

Remember Rio? You'll be back there again for a little Bomb Squad in Special Ops mode.

After clearing out the area and defusing the first bomb, players will need to make a quick sprint back up through the spawn and make a tactical decision for the final two points. The middle route will take the team down a main street filled with even more rooftop battles and very little cover. The far defuse area is more enclosed, located within a small storefront donning a makeshift basketball hoop, some high grass, any tiny main square. The team can either opt to break off and tackle one spot each, or continue on as a team.

In our time with the game we've found more success moving down the middle street as a team, capturing point two, and then moving to the last area all at once, or even using a side alley to flank the final bomb site. Since you can pick up downed teammates if you're within direct proximity of them, splitting up is a fairly dangerous tactic, though it'll reward you with a quicker overall time. Still, it's a whole lot safer moving through the crowded streets as a group, and while you're shoving your face into a laptop to defuse a bomb you'll feel far more comfortable knowing someone is watching your back. Running in blind and hoping for the best may work on regular difficulty, but if you're looking to collect two or three stars via hardened or veteran difficulties you'll need a partner, and you'll need to work together.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our footage unveil for Bomb Squad, showcasing a side-by-side look into cross-system online co-op. It's intense to say the least.