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I started to code!. SO see my ideas and tell me what do you think.

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Well, for this day i have great news, I know how to edit the Hl, base code, i got a copy, and im working on how to add weapons to the Hl database. Im starting off with a knife. my principal idea was to make Re-skins for the original half life models, but now im goingt to change the code of the weapons, the damage, the priority, the properties, the ammo type. I can do the gauss have 9mm Bullets, or the Hornet Gun to have M203 grenades.

Ideas for the weapons :

Egon : It will be the Sub->Zero freezing ability, i will change the damage type to freeze. you can try it by activating the friendly fire and shooting ice to your friends. I will make so it re-charges the ammo until it´s full.

Hornet gun : This will be the brutality of liu kang. i discovered if you shoot lots of hornets to an enemy he will explode in pieces!! :D Muahahahahaha. I will change the damage to Fire.

Rocket Launcher : It will be the Kung Lao Hat i will make so it don´t explode. i will make when it hits the enemy Sparks blow into the air.

Crowbar : Prinicipaly, the punches.

Grenade : Sub->Zero snow ball, it will explode with an ammount of time (like the normal grenade) i will change the explosion to a Ice Shatter explosion.

hope you like it. If you have more ideas you can PM me.


tiens muy buenas ideas, me dices un programa gratis con el qe pueda modelar? x q no qiero comprar nada, te qiero ayudar a crear modelos y tambien aprenderer a ser coder, pero necesito tiempo, despues me uno a tu equipo

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