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A lot of back scene action going on at Tactical Assault!! Here are some updates showing progress across the board, we hope you like them!

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Dear Community,

A lot of back scene action going on at Tactical Assault!! Sorry for lack of News, we have been knee deep in development!! However we wanted to give you a brief update showing progress across the board, we hope you like it.

Development Updates

* TOP-Proto's been super busy on all scaleform menus, bug fixes and our very own Admin control panel (ingame), we have ingame working welcome screens, control settings, new binds such as "buycurrentammo", "SwitchToBestWeapon" etc.. Oh, and below is our character select screen that was just plugged in.

Concept Art by kyo & Implemented in-game by TOP-Proto
Character Select Screen (This is now in-game and looks just like this!!):

* Macfrog is working on our webadmin system, so server administrators will be able to control players, game and server settings from a web based application. The html stuff is all plugged in, it just requires the functionality adding.
* Drakk Lord has nearly polished the whole weapon handling, weeks & weeks of work! Reload handling, swapping, throwing of weapons etc.. This has been tested to the maximum, offline dedicated server, single player and improtantly online. He has even finished up some "neat" auto resolution detection... say no more!!!

Environment Updates

* Matt Lefevere has made many changes to his "unnamed" Level with Jason Matthews and Peter Aldred working very hard on environment scenes, assets, props and general level changes! Great partnership here!

Here is a sneak teaser picture of what they have been up too solidly for 2-3 months! We are very pleased how this has progressed and hope you love it as much as we do!

We will in the near future have a full media release for the level, giving you all the low downs and possibly a fly by video to boot!

Level Design by Matt Lefevere
Environment Created by Peter "pAldred" Aldred
Assets by Jason "midwinterdreams" Mathews

Additional Props provided by:
Blake "kaze369" Mitchell
Ben "Fleafa" Calvert-Lee

We have a shortlist of level names, which we will be asking you, our community to vote on your favourite soon Smiley This will then become the official level name!

We are always looking to integrate the fans into our project and will find more ways to listen to your views, suggestions and incorporate them as such.

* restcrew is working on a 2nd level (Fjord), whilst his first level (St.George) is having final tweaks and changes done to the environment ambience, music and so on by John Marrin.

Again, we wanted to give you a first time exclusive shot of what he has been up too, with plans for a later full featured media when it is closer to being finished.

Level Design and Art by restcrew

* Hamid is finishing up our Character animations, which should be in game within a week!
* MyPetGoldfish provided us with some excellent bik movie files for our character team selection, map changing screens and much more! Our game is begining to look totally professional and slowly being pieced together!
* karatekodden, our latest level designer has already delivered a very nice level blockout, which has been tested & tweaked several times and is pretty much ready to be being modelled and textured fully.

There is sooo much going on, we wouldn't have enough time in the day to tell you it all. In general, the pace of our teams production is great and we are well on track Smiley

Follow us at:

facebook & twitter for exclusive news and updates in between our official news releases!

Drop us a line, give us feedback or suggestions.. it doesn't matter! We are very approachable and always happy to respond directly in person, so don't hold back.

Your TA Team

- We are looking for an experienced flash developer to join our team, great knowledge of photoshop is also required. You'll be polishing up our UI menus, it would be desirable if you have Action Script 2.0 knowledge, but this is not essential!

- We are also looking to take on 1-2 weapon modellings/texture artists to bulk our team, if you are familiar with 3Dsmax, can create high poly textures and hard surface texturing we would love to hear from you!

For both and other positions, please hit the "Apply" button on our home page and drop us a message

Tactical Assault requires a license for adobe photoshop! Your donations will be much appreciated,
thank you.
Click here to lend your support to: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended and make a donation


Screams like a (fan)girl *Yeay Tactical Assault* ^^

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Looks good!

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This is very exciting!

Talk about progress, it can only get better from here.

As I am sure these maps are WIP,

may I suggest that open areas be decorated with an appropriate amount of props, NOT ONLY just for "decoration" sake, but for the GAMEPLAY as well (meaning they be big enough for cover and infantry advancement/cover fire.)

Nonetheless, I look forward to the next update.

Keep it up, this looks stellar on ALL fronts (as usual.)

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That Adobe Photoshop is a little Ouchie. You could have always used free (in beer, and maybe in speech) software that would cause development be a little more easy to your pocket.

So far, the game looks really nice, and I'm tracking it. Hope to see more :)

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