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Hello guys.

As i discussed before, i've added alot more teams into CoD:CW than the default 4.
Down below i will show you the maps that'll be included in CoD:CW and which teams will be fighting on them:

Bloc (Task Force 141 versus Gruppa Alfa)
Bog (US Army Rangers versus Militia)
Countdown (Joint Task Force 2 versus Spetsnaz)
Downpour (Task Force 141 versus Spetsnaz)
Overgrown (Task Force 141 versus Kommando Spezialkräfte)
Pipeline (Särskilda Operationsgruppen versus Spetsnaz)
Shipment (Task Force 141 versus Gruppa Alfa)
Showdown (US Army Rangers versus Kommando Spezialkräfte)
Strike (Joint Task Force 2 versus Militia)
Wet Work (Joint Task Force 2 versus Gruppa Alfa)
Killhouse (Counter-Terrorists versus Terrorists)
Highrise (US Army Rangers versus Spetsnaz)
Nuketown (Joint Task Force 2 versus Kommando Spezialkräfte)
Terminal (GIGN versus Gruppa Alfa)
Favela (Task Force 141 versus Militia)
Aerodrome (GIGN versus Kommando Spezialkräfte)
Sub Base (Joint Task Force 2 versus Spetsnaz)
Summit (Särskilda Operationsgruppen versus Kommando Spezialkräfte)
Castle (US Army Rangers versus Militia)
Seatown (Joint Task Force 2 versus Militia)
Dust2 (Counter-Terrorists versus Terrorists)

Note that this is not final. Changes are expected to be made, teams might be replaced, added or removed, or more maps will be added, changed or removed.



WTF?! Dust2 CT vs T? Must be very epic!

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