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In this list, i'll list the guns that will be available in Gun Game.

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Hello guys.

Today i'll tell you guys which guns will be featured in the Gun Game rotation.

1. B23R Tactical
2. KAP40 Tactical
3. Executioner Silenced Tactical (Gun Game Exclusive)
4. MTS-255 Reflex
5. USAS-12 Silencer
6. MSMC Silencer
7. UMP45
8. Vector CRB ACOG
9. ARX-160 Holographic
10. M8A1 ACOG
11. Remington R5 Holographic
12. Ameli Silencer
13. M60E4
14. MK12 SPR
15. DSR-50
16. Ballista ACOG
17. SMAW
18. RPG
19. Five-Seven Silencer Tactical
20. Combat Knife (Gun Game Exclusive)

Do note that changes might be made here. Some guns might be replaced before release.



I dont know how this could be but could change one of the pistols to have akimbo?

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Moka_Akashiya85 Author

Not possible without alot more scripting. And i'd prefer to get the mod done as soon as possible, really.

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ok that fines I just wondering thats all in that all of the gun game in call of duty I think they have a Akimbo pistols thats all.

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Moka_Akashiya85 Author

Black Ops 1 had Dual Wield Makarov at level 2/20.
Black Ops 2 had Akimbo KAP40 at level 2/20.
Since i can't do akimbo, i'd have to do the next best thing.

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