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Hey lads. Im back after being away from PC for at least 3 weeks. Was hard cos i didnt knew if it will work again, due to some power supplier damage. Anyways now its ok and the Rooftops production has risen up to da sky! ok here are the news id like to share.

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First of all, i must note again that the 3rd Demo will be a multi map singleplayer experience of Cod4 Rooftops. All Demos will leave the mystery of How we got on the Rooftop Map. How is the player spawn position on map "Rooftops" explained. Why were we trapped and prisoned ? All those questions will be answered in the Final Release Hopefully comming on Summer 2015.
The 3rd Demo will have 3 Maps.

-Map2: Demo preperation 65% Done
-Map3: Demo preperation 95% Done
-Map4: Demo preperation 70%% Done

So you its in good state.
See ya!

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