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Showcase 3 mission 'Ultimatum', 'All in' and 'No Fighting in the War Room' and patch note.

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New gameplay CoD4 MW : Return to Alpha IS HERE! version 2.5


- Problem with memory limits no longer exist for now. Special thanks to Bogdan Konstantinou for help!

- 'mod.ff' file now no exist in mod. For launch mod just need open the .exe file of the game

- Changed default values for some dvars

- Added more HUD images from pre-alpha builds. Special thanks to Adam445 for help

- Restored weapon firing mode (full-semi) for AK-47 AK-74u, M16A4 and M4 (without attachments, only stock version)

- Re-worked some sounds

- Re-worked battlechatter scripts: for americans was restored more voicelines, which no plays in CoD4 ( Example : 'Alavi reloading!', 'Barb covering!', 'Enemy troops! 150 meters' and etc.) and removed some scripts lines from CoD2

- For R700, Desert Eagle, M9, W1200, M1014 been returned old names from 253 build ( Example : R700 - Remington 700, M9 - M9 Beretta, W1200 - Winchester 1200 and etc.)

- Restored old textures for S.A.S, USMC Force Recons and Ultranationalists. For better view you can watch on ModDB

- Fixing HUD elements

Mission changers :

- 'F.N.G' : was changed spawn point in beginning of the mission and changed .vision scripts for the level

- 'Crew Expendable' : added more dialogs on the level, include and on the russians

- 'Coup' : added more dialogs, fixed some sounds and sky box on the level was changed

- 'Charlie Don't Surf' : restored old loadout of the mission (M16A4/M203 instead of M4)

- 'The Bog' : added some random game event. They have in ModDB page

- 'War Pig' : changed scene with alley and will be added dialog about one H.I explosives round

- 'Ambush' : restored unused enemies on the level

- My custom levels was ported to the mod, but, this levels WILL BE REWORKED IN FULL!

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