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Results of the Mosin-Nagant poll and introduction of new animations and last changes in menus.

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Hi all! I have got really happy info for you. But lets switch to the Mosin-Nagant results first!


Please note that a new article informing about work of our team member Fainyance11 has been added.


You, our fans have chosen the Mosin-Nagant M1891/30 + PU (with cloth) in a final score cloth (14) vs. noncloth (8).

Those who wanted noncloth version, don't be sad! After the pre-alpha is out a noncloth patch will be released as well. Of course if we don't find a way how to include both versions with reasonable game results...

There are some pretty good news. I have been recently experimenting with constraints in Maya and browsed several tutorials till I finally got it. I have found a way how to make, adjust and control the weapon's magazine using the player's hand. Simply said, you "stick" the magazine to the hand when you need it - so when player is reloading. This way you can save a lot of time because you don't have to animate magazine and hand separately, which is awfully slow.

The result of these tests is G-43's animation. I didn't like the original CoD2 G-43. Not only it was historically incorrect but also ugly (both animation and model). I decided to make it nice and correct. Enjoy the (already presented) Back2Fronts G-43 model with brand new animation and sounds! Coming in pre-alpha!

You can watch here, or use image section.

You can watch here, or use video section.

CoD2 B2F G-43 (pre-alpha)
This video shows pre-alpha Back2Fronts version of G-43 (unscoped). Animation is pure new stuff, sounds as well, model uses original CoD2 G-43 UV scheme and has been already presented before.

CoD2 B2F G-43 + ZF-4 (pre-alpha)
This video shows pre-alpha Back2Fronts version of G-43 + ZF-4 (scoped). Animation is pure new stuff, sounds as well, model uses original CoD2 G-43 UV scheme and has been already presented before.

Tokarev SVT-40

I also adjusted some mistakes (not many) in my "final" Tokarev SVT-40/AVT-40 animation. In the pre-alpha, there will be a specially made Tokarev SVT-40 model using original CoD2 UV scheme. But pictures are worth a million words, see below how it looks...

CoD2 B2F Tokarev SVT-40 (pre-alpha)
This video shows pre-alpha Back2Fronts version of Tokarev SVT-40 (unscoped). Animation has slight improvements, sounds have been presented before, model uses original CoD2 SVT-40 UV scheme (so it is different from the "final" version).

Bots (test

When I put stuff stated above into a test, I decided to capture some frames of it so you can see as well :-)

CoD2 B2F bot MP test (pre-alpha)
This video shows pre-alpha Back2Fronts bot MP test. I needed to test out new stuff such as G-43's and SVT-40's animation plus sounds so I captured it to show something from it. Note that the MP-44 still uses the original CoD2 animation schemes (yes a bit adjusted, but anyway). I had no time for making a new animation so far...

User's interface

The Back2Fronts menu is undergoing quite heavy development. I must say that it is a true teamwork there. I am cooperating on it with our team's head scripter - Tomalla and our history seeker - Vassili_Tzaitsev who helped me with image searching. Thank you guys for your time!

On the other hand we are still struggling with some menu issues (alpha channeled images). The save/load menu is under construction, hopefully successful. Also mission selections should be reworked. In short, quite a lot to go...

All in all, I corrected some values in "MAIN MOD FEATURES" to correspond the present state...


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