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The mod has now had its first release, featuring a couple of new countries and changes giving existing countries a fresh look. Tens of new events to fill this new world and much more to come.

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Starting in an alternate history 1930s with an oppressive Britain, Germany back in the hands of the Kaisers and a large continental military alliance. Besides the different setup, the main feature of this mod is the events that's included. Conspire against the British, take part in military meetings, decide the military strategy of Europe. Wage war or keep the peace, the choices yours.

The first version has been released. It's not in any way feature complete but I begin here and will expand upon it over the coming months. I would want the players to be involved by reporting the bugs and errors you find and suggesting new events. I aim this to be the most expansive mod, i've done so far. So i hope you have fun and thanks for playing.

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