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This is a crediting list for all content for Command and Conquer 5 Return of the Scrin. Originally Posted 14-04-2017. Updated 30-11-2020.

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Before I start listing Names, I would like to state the following. The MOD Projects whose content is being used are all ones I've played and would rate at the tops of their field. All of which are my Top 3 rated MOD Projects from Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars. I would ask that you check them out. On the note of my project, it's a separate project, and it incorporates the very best from all of those projects into one place with a different Storyline that lies along the Electronic Arts Timeline for Command & Conquer. My MOD would be mostly compatible to those projects maps. This means that Tiberium Essence Maps would not have issues with loading unless they contain MOD Specific Units not present in this MOD. Same goes for maps designed for the Forgotten MOD, those maps should have full functionality except for a few specific units. Though this is pending Version 2 Updates. Command & Conquer 5 and Command & Conquer 0 are both connected Projects, but lie separate from each other at the same time. Each will have their own User Interfaces and Factions. For everyone wondering, why CNC0DT has not just been dropped, it's because it's a reserved project. I've reserved the name ahead of time, but actual progress on it won't be released until CNC5RS Version 3 is released at the earliest.

Update Tree:

CNC5RS - Version 1 - CCS Faction Introduction
CNC5RS - Version 2 - Forgotten Faction Introduction
CNC5RS - Version 3 - United Nations Faction Introduction
CNC5RS - Version 4 - I'm not going to tell you, but you can expect a Version 4 down the line
CNC0DT - Will continue from CNC5RS once the Storyline has been released for it

For Props, Structures and Units (Updated 2020):

Carnius (all Tiberium Essence MOD Prop Content)
CommieDog (all Forgotten MOD Content)
Madin (Various Content for the CCS and the Forgotten)
MrTim (Various Content specific to the CCS)
SargeRho (all Tiberian Apocalypse MOD Content)

For Custom Map Content:

CSC (Egypt Oil Investment Yellow-Zone Map)
Predator (official map packs V1.001-Custom CCS Editions)
Vlado32 (Blackened Doom Black-Zone Map)

For Music Content:

Ross Bugden (Track02: The-Wasteland)
Zwier.Z (Track01: Plethora)
Our IN-HOUSE Music Production Team

For Miscellaneous Content:

Eno | AltomareXD (The CnC5 Logo)
TryToEpic (The CnC5 loading video)



Special Thanks:

Electronic Arts (for allowing this MOD to be operational)
SAO, GGO, SAO-Aliceisation Project Teams (for the term 'A.L.I.C.E.')
HOW-College (for input on refreshed storyline content 2017 and facilities)
My Mother (yes, I said it, but she's the one providing food and a roof, thus allowing this project to continue)
My Father (for ideas key to the new revised Storyline 2020)

Software and Hardware Usage Credits (Covering all basses):

Autodesk - 3DSMax 9
VRoid - VRoid Studio (for upcoming Cutscenes)
Unity (for upcoming Cutscenes)


Please note that specific items from various MOD Projects will not be used, namely from the Forgotten MOD's Tech Tree. As such, There will be voids in the Technological Tree's of some factions.

Legal notice:

If I've missed anyone out of this list, please tell me. I'm not going to take offence, I know I'm forgetful. Please be aware this Article will be Updated from time to time.


If I forgot anyone, please say so.

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wow,pretty many

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I can not find the file
"TexturePacks.SkuDef *"

It is not in any archive, and I miss that file to run the mod. Can you upload it please?

Thank you

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We are reorganising the MOD data.

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OK, so this list has been Updated today.

Yes, this list applies to both CNC5RS and CNC0DT.
For those after a Teaser of what's to come with the revised version of CNC0DT, I would point at the update to the Story of CNC5RS.

In Chronological Order (listing Official first):
Tiberian Dawn (Westwood Studios)
Tiberian Sun (Westwood Studios)
Kane's Wrath Part 1 (Electronic Arts)
Tiberium Wars (Electronic Arts)
Kane's Wrath Part 2 (Electronic Arts)
Tiberian Twilight (Electronic Arts)

In Chronological Order (listing my MOD Projects):
Command & Conquer 5 Return Of The Scrin (Prologue Cutscene only)
Command & Conquer 0 Dawn Of Time
Command & Conquer 5 Return Of The Scrin (everything else)

That's the order it all will come in, as far as the Story is concerned. Though this may change in parts and get a little confusing if you're playing mission by mission in order as they happen in the story. Please also note that some light novels or Manga may be released as part of the Story as well.

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