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An update on the latest CNC2142 development, and a rally for community support! :)

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Hello to our moddb friends and visitors!! :D

How are all of you doing? I hope things are going well!

Last month, CNC2142 has once again broken the Moddb Top 10 - landing at #7 / 11484 mods worldwide!! This is an amazing achievement, and I'd love to represent the entire team to thank YOU ALL for your continuous support! :)

Today marks our release of the CNC2142 Mega Update part 3, in which you will find 2 shots of the never-seen-before PAC BTR-20 armoured air transport vehicle, together with 3 new close-ups of a skirmish match with the PAC (in red) against the EU in an urban environment. Community-wise, CNC2142 has recently been invited to an interview with CNCWorld, a big C&C community website, which will give you all a bit of an insight into the nifty grifties regarding CNC2142 - together with exclusive screenshots! ( hey yo, highlight here ->WHO WANTS TITAN SCREENSHOTS??? XD) So remember to keep your heads up! ;)

Finally, this is a message that I'd like to share out of my personal courtesy:

For all of you who've been following CNC2142, you'd probably know that I'm from Hong Kong - one of the biggest cities in south-east Asia. An animal charity called "Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR)" has been operating for years, saving countless lives of handicapped, strayed, lost, abandoned and sick/dying dogs around HK.

Unfortunately, their landlord has decided to evict the entire charity to develop the land for more profitable options, and HKDR is yet to find another suitable land in HK for a replacement dog centre due to the lack of flat open land in HK. While they desperately search for viable options, unless they are able to find an affordable site at the end of the month, more than 170 lives of once homeless dogs may be forced onto death roll. And to join the community effort in HK to save the HKDR dogs, if you have the ability to donate to HKDR (link to official HKDR donation page available here, amounts are in HKD. for reference, 7.8 HKD = 1 USD), and able to private message me a proof - for instance a paypal confirmation, I will hereby personally GUARANTEE that you will receive our "CNC2142 public debut video" in HD 7 days before we officially release the trailer for everybody else on the internet!!

So please, if any of you have the means to donate, or even just spread the word for HKDR.. all the 170+ dogs, HKDR supporters, the entire HK community and I will be very grateful of your contributions!
Here is HKDR's official website for your information:
Donating a bit of cash to save over 170 lives, AND get to see an epic modification in motion earlier than the rest of the world - what's not to love? :) So here marks the end of my news update - Thank you for reading it all, I hope you guys love the new screenshots and please consider the charitable organization!

Everybody take care! :)



argh! capitalism! causing all the evils and horrors in the world!

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derek328 Author

i know right? ): that's why when I know I have a fanbase support, I want to do what I can to support the charity and save those lives, making this team more than just about a computer game mod! do consider donating :)

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Damn This sucks. Poor Doggys. COME ON PEOPLE DONATE OR ELSE 170 DOGS WILL DIE!

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feillyne Staff

Shame nobody cares for e.g. Iraqis so well as they do for dogs, cats and other animals.

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