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An overview on gameplay, setting and release plans

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CnC Post War is a total conversion for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars featuring new gameplay, factions and units.
The project was originally started two years ago, in 2009, however after a few months of work I lost the motivation and paused the developement. In spring this year I had time again and realised that there is still interest in C&C TW mods, so I came to the decision to continue this project.

The mod takes place in a near post-apocalyptic future world such as games like Fallout or Rage.
There are no more nations, no armys, no functional society. What's left are small splinter groups of militants roaming the world's wastelands, searching for resources and fighting for a brighter future (or simply their own survival). Ingame Post-War seperates them into different types, each one with their very individual style. The first release will concentrate on the Peacekeepers faction. The Peacekeepers are what comes most close to a modern, organized army. Vehicles for example are not directly built on the battlefield but get delivered via air transports. Units are well trained and equipped to resist a lot of damage and grant high survivability. On the downside the Peacekeepers need a lot of resources to provide an adequate army.
More factions will follow in later releases, at the moment there are already great ideas for at least a second faction.

Post-War uses elements of several RTS games and there is not much left of the typical C&C. As for this I really tried to create something very new. When you start a game you begin with a small group of units and a certain number of Command Points. Instead of building a whole base first, you will have to use your units and capture outposts by moving your forces in marked areas. Outposts are the key element in a game. They will give you build space and therefore the possibility to either get money by building supply depots or demand new forces by for example building a drop zone. Due to the fact that there is no main base anymore, which could be destroyed to defeat your enemy, your objective will be to reduce his Command Points to 0, before he does so to yours. Command Points get decreased in two ways. First of all you lose 1 Command Point for every unit your enemy kills, no matter what size or strength it was (infantry squads count as 1 unit). This ensures that players cannot rashly attack hostile bases or spam with units. The second and more effective way is to hold a superior number of outposts (approximately 3/4), which will cause that your enemy's Command Points decrease permanently. As you can easily see this will lead to a faster and more strategic gameplay, since it's more important when, where and how you attack.

Beside the Command Point system there are two ressources: Money and fuel. While money is needed to buy new units and can be earned by simply building supply depots in your outposts, fuel will keep your vehicles running. Note that a negative fuel level will force all your vehicles to be disabled. Since upgrading your supply depots to deploy some oil barrels is rather cost intensive, it is more effective to explore the map and capture some fuel sources like for example a gas station. By this the game will get better balance between infantry and vehicles, and also it allows big vehicles and tanks to be more felt like a real threat.
Additional game modes are conceivable, but as for the moment this should be enough.

Release Plans
Due to the fact that this a one man project at the moment and C&C TW is a four year old game by now, I really had to think about how to release this mod. I came to the decision that developing one big release would not make much sense, therefore this mod is going to be released in rather small steps. Beside the mentioned circumstances the actual reason for this is the fact that there is no final aim for this project. I will continue and extend it as long as there is interest and as long I have the time to do so, because there are really a lot of ideas that I would like to implement in the game.
For those of you who expected a definite release date here I hope I can comfort you by announcing that the first release is planned to be at the end of this year.

There is still plenty of implemented stuff that is not shown in this news, because it would really go beyond the scope for now, but I hope you could get a good first impression of what this project is going to be. Feel free to comment your opinion or any questions you might have.
Next news will come soon!

Last but not least: If you think this project is worth your support of modding, do not hesitate to send me a message. Especially talented mappers and modellers are welcome, but as well everybody else who wants to contribute something to this project.

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i like the concept! can't wait to see the first release, good luck!

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like the "strategic" gameplay concept. Trackin'

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Wow, looks refreshingly different, tracking!

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totaly tracking!

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Sweet. Tracking

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