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I will give a presentation of the future Cameo content and its Current status, it may contain Spoilers of the games involved

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After completing the conversions from TS to Cameo, and with the support of the Discord Staff. Due to popularity, I decided to delay Dark Reign The Future of war, and start creating content for Generals. Let's talk about the factions I want to include and their Current status.

The GLA, is the most advanced and currently worked Faction, its arsenal consists of weapons of poor technology, suicide units and stealth attack, it also has chemical and explosive weapons, it would include some generals to acquire powerful arsenals.

China, is the second most worked Faction, has an arsenal based on the Rush of troops and heavy tanks, its weapons are usually atomic weapons, gattling submachine guns, incendiary weapons, and the nationalist spirit of the Faction is also included.

The USA, the Faction that has a long way to go, is still very much in WIP, its arsenal includes powerful tanks, highly trained but expensive troops, and an air force superior to other Factions, it also includes the use of laser technology and unmanned drones.

Leang: include the final Boss of Generals only as an OP Faction which acquires the best units of each Generals Faction with combined upgrades that affect the units, without a doubt one of the most OP.

Mohmar (DeathStrike): Combine all the forces of GLA, I decided to separate this general by OP and he was eliminated from the game and replaced by Leang, Mohmar acquires many chemical weapons from Thrax, he can camouflage everything, and also uses the most powerful explosives, and can acquire other units of factions like US Snipers, China Tanks, and little else to cause Chaos.

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