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Cloverfield Mod progress, Just a quick update for anyone interested in the Mod. Pictures and small trailer added

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Good morning!

Just a quick update for anyone interested in the Mod.

I have been working on more sections as of late and tweaked a few things and although things are coming on quicker than before, not everything is finished so bare that in mind when viewing the clip.. It is a work in progress after all :-)

I know its not much of an update but i really don't want to show anything off that im not confident with so please bare with me and as little as the updates are, they are better than nothing i guess!

Thought i would take a Hi-res screen shot of the store part of the first level so people can see what it will look like in game. (again - its not finished so many details are missing and a lot of textures are acting as place holders at the moment)

The picture you see in the trailer outside with the smashed cars is obviously just concept and will be what I'm aiming for in terms of the outside areas. Everything else is in game!

Thanks for listening!


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