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This week we worked on visual effects and polishing our cloud’s transformations. Work on our protagonist is nearing an end, next order of business is building a sandbox level with all the abilities and game’s interaction and test, test, test… break as much as possible to iron out any major bugs. This means world building, a welcome change from the past two months of work on just the cloud.

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In line with the other forms, we added mesh deformation to our base cloud (and its two subforms), now it deforms as it floats around making it a bit more interesting to look at.

Cloudfall base cloud mesh deformations

The base cloud can absorb electricity and water from the environment, allowing it to create lightning strikes and rain respectively. Here’s a lightning strike in action.

Cloudflal Lightning Strike

Water forms activated ability is creating a pocket of air underwater (if you’re screaming “nonsense”, fine, it can also create rain in the open air, satisfied?). Anyhoo this air pocket is useful for other forms to utilize their abilities (most importantly fire, which can’t function underwater at all).

Water form bubble formation

We found a nice looking, unified way to switch through all of the cloud’s transformations.

Cloudfall transition forms, test

Well that was only the first attempt, while it looks cool enough, it’s also too long and aggressive. So we needed something more subtle, as well as something that wouldn’t force us to pause the player for half a second in order to play out the animation properly. So now we’re looking at a simple morphing animation.

Cloudfall forms transition final

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